DLS Lasers

DLS-C Series

Dimetix DLS-C series laser distance sensors are offered in 4 models. Each model provides non-contact distance measurement at both short and long ranges. The lasers measure as close as 0.05 m (2 inch) and as far as 150 m (492 feet) with accuracies up to 1.5 mm and a resolution of 0.10 mm.

  • DLS-C15: 1.5 mm accuracy up to 150 m
  • DLS-C30: 3 mm accuracy up to 150 m
  • DLS-CH15: 1.5 mm accuracy up to 150 m with integrated heater for extended low temperature operation
  • DLS-CH30: 3 mm accuracy up to 150 m with integrated heater for extended low temperature operation

The DLS-C series laser range finder can be used to solve a wide variety of applications within industry and research. DLS-C laser sensors are used in manufacturing processes, OEM equipment, and monitoring applications. Distance, level and position can all be measured with this laser range finder. Applications can be enhanced by using the Dimetix laser sensor in pairs to measure thickness, length, and diameter. The targets to be measured can be in motion are stationary.

Below is a partial list of applications.

  • Roll diameter and length
  • Crane / gantry location
  • Saw cut length monitoring
  • Level monitoring in mining operations
  • Web width
  • Bar length and location
  • Tank level (can be used in food operations because of its polymer front lens)

four-point-hoist-2Dimetix laser sensors are built tough with a solid aluminum IP65 rated housing. Their ruggedness is field proven. The lasers are also used outdoors in extreme conditions. Look at our accessories for a variety of brackets and enclosures to improve your application.

Communication & Interfaces:

Dimetix DLS-C laser distance sensors include serial and analog outputs with digital inputs and outputs available for alarming and triggering. The serial interface permits simple remote monitoring. As an example, the laser sensor can be configured to output a simple ASCII numeric string that is readable by this simple serial panel display.

Each laser ships with basic utility and standard terminal programs, such as Hyper Terminal can also be easily used. Communications with PLC hardware that does not have RS232 or RS422 serial capability can e accomplished via special gateways. As an example, gateways are available that support Device Net and Ethernet IP for integration with Allen Bradley control logix and compact logix PLC platforms.


dlsb-image4The DLS-C series laser distance sensor operates on a principle called phase shift. The laser signal is reflected directly back to the device. This technique is generally more accurate that simple time of flight methods. We are capable of measuring with 1.5 mm accuracy, even up to 150m.

Distances over 65m usually require a special reflective plate affixed to the target.

Please contact Dimetix USA to discuss your application.