Industry Solution: Structural Monitoring



Structural-Health-Monitor11DIMETIX USA’s structural monitoring system is a modular and intuitive laser distance sensor-based structural health monitoring system. In modern urban environments, heavy construction often must be conducted immediately adjacent to neighboring properties and structures that must remain open to business or residency during excavation and constructionDimetix laser distance sensor technology allows for measurements with millimeter accuracy at distances up to 500m to detect any shift or displacement of structures. In today’s world of high-density construction sites, the system provides a more accurate and precise method of protecting adjacent buildings and infrastructure against construction-based damage:

Data Logging Remote Monitoring
  • Powerfully versatile data acquisition
  • Machine to machine (M2M)
  • Flexible power input
  • Remote access
  • Universal: Analog or digital, input or output
  • Data acquisition
  • Easy wiring with removable terminal block
  • Remote monitoring
  • Native RS-232 serial data logging
  • Security monitoring
  • Onboard comm via Ethernet 10/100
  • Command and control
  • Web server/cloud capable
  • Configurable alert settings


Please take a look at our structural monitoring system in action at IBC 2015 in our new demo video:


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  • Urban structural monitoring
    • Protect adjacent buildings and infrastructure against construction-based damage
  • Bridge structural monitoring
    • Reduce stress on the bridge truss spans diuring lift and placement and minimize interruption of traffic